Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday, Friday!

Well we've had a good week around here. These are my quick updates before I suck it up and start working.

- Evey - She's fitting in nicely. She a sweet dog. And she's very sassy. She thinks I'm the best thing since bacon (and for a dog, that's saying alot) and she loves the girls. The Munchkins have been very attentive to our newest furry friend. The excitement of taking her out for walks hasn't worn off yet. We all delight to discover some new trick or personality trait each day. Hubbie and Evey have even had some snuggle time. The cats are all dealing with her in their own way. Sunny has decided that she can exist in the same room with Evey. PJ stays her safe 10 foot distance at all times. And poor old grumpy Snickers is living in the basement by her choice. So all in all we're doing great.

- Weight Loss and Exercise - I've lost 8.5 lbs since January 1st. I know most of it is water weight due to reckless abandon eating and drinking over the holidays. But hey, I'll take it. And I'm back on the treadmill. So far 4 days one week and 3 days this week.

- Knitting - Milestone! I finished my first skein of yarn and had to work in starting a new skein. And before that I had to face the reality of unknitting. It was very scary when I had to unravel several rows to fix a problem. I cannot stress enough the concentration it took to get it the scarf back on the needles.

- Sewing - Other than the sewing I did on Sunday (remember Sewing Sundays) on the Chocolat Rose Creme (aka Amy Butler/GingerBlossoms) Quilt nothing so far. But naturally I've been looking at fabric online to buy.

- Laundry - Well let's just say that I'll have my hands full this weekend.

- Christmas Tree - Ahem, well I guess it can't become a permanent decorating fixture in our family room.

So happy Friday everyone and try to stay warm!


Shannon said...

Happy Friday to you, too!

Congratulations on the weight loss!! I have nothing to report, but I'm not trying. I still fit in my jeans. Although, the daily iced coffee habit and egg and cheese muffin I can't seem to give up will need to be combatted very soon. LOL

Laundry, ugh, it's the bain of my existence. I always have a pile no matter how much I do. I guess it's to be expected with six people. I do like laundry more than dirty dishes, though.

On my quilting front, I finished the first step of the Twilight Mystery Quilt--you asked me to keep you posted. I'm struggling/feeling guilty about the changes I made to the pattern.

quiltu said...

Oh! The dog is adorable!!!! I think she is perfect. I can't wait to meet her.
I am so glad to know your tree is still up! Mine will come down this week, I think.
Keep going on the knitting and the quilting.
Hugs to all,
Grammy Kathy