Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hee, hee....

I started my "for real" scarf. I discovered a few things out already about knitting.

A. The right yarn makes a difference
B. The right needles for the right yarn make a difference.
C. Chunky tweedy yarn is VERY forgiving.

And so I continue with my knitting journey. After this I will knit Hubbie a scarf and experiment with a new knitting pattern!


Kate said...

YAY! Yes, there is plenty of room to be a fiber snob in knitting too. It's looking great! Knit, knit, knit!

randi said...

You are doing great!

I am planning on trying to knit again this year. Last time it was stressful, but there is a new shop in town with classes and I plan to go. I will prevail!

Shannon said...

It looks great! Yay for your new hobby.... Let me know when you get to socks and I'll order a pair.

amandajean said...

good for you! i love the yarn you are using. it's going to be a very nice scarf!