Friday, January 30, 2009

Oops I did it again

It's been a week again. Last weekend I got some sewing and knitting done but nothing good to post yet. I've been suffering with a cold since Tuesday. Aren't kids grand? The girls brought home this virus and naturally I eventually caught it.

The Good News is that the Australian Open is in its second week and I've been able to enjoy watching some great tennis. Roger won again Roddick. (And yes Kristin I did end up looking it up before I watched it). The match was broadcast live at 3:30am ET and I recorded it. I wasn't planning on looking at the score before I watched it. I wanted to see it unfold. But dear Kristin came to work and said they were talking about it on the radio. Naturally, I assumed they would only be discussing tennis if the American won. I couldn't stand not knowing, so I checked it out. I will be the first to admit that I'm a spoiler junkie. I look at websites for tv, movie, and book spoilers, so it didn't ruin watching the match at all. And like I said before, ROGER WON! And a final note, with all the tennis watching I've been doing, I've discovered tennis and knitting are not compatible.

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Shannon said...

Don't feel bad about the spoilerage--you know my position well.

Feel better soon!

Hey, I really want to check this store out:

I drive by it everyday on the way home. Wanna go?