Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hello...back from the brink of illness

I'm back...still snuffly and the lurking occasional cough...but I'm back.

Just wanted to post a quick things...first I've been cutting more scrap fabric for more 9 patches. I'm obsessed I know it. This set is using up almost (and I mean almost) all my pink fabric left over from various girl quilt projects. The other color you can't see is a bright limey green that's underneath the stack of 9 patches. Once I got them all organized I couldn't bring myself to unshuffle them for a photo. I bought some very light pink Kona for the sashing.
I'm also working on a boy version with frog fabric that I had left over from a quilt I made for a silent auction. I'll use a light green Kona for sashing on that one. It already has a home. Christy actually won the original quilt I made for a silent auction, and with two boys in her house it is a frequent point of discord, so scrappy frogs will go make peace at her house. Picture of fabric to follow.

So to my next very important tip.....if you are quickly becoming a Kona Cotton freak like me, you'll love this shopping tip. FabricShack! They have a WIDE selection of colors, more than JoAnn's for $3.99/yd. And their shipping rates ROCK! Like try $5 for a purchase up to $75! Awesome! I just got my order today and everything was super duper. They even enclosed some Starlight mints and some Handquilting Needles as a Thank You! So if you like a bargain and love online shopping check them out. They have tons of other fabric too!


Kathy said...

And in a pinch Hobby Lobby has Kona and often there is a coupon on-line. I also have gotten the nine-patch bug, because sometimes you just need to do something basicly mindless and still have beautiful results! Glad to hear you are feeling better.
Grammy Kathy

Shannon said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better.