Thursday, August 20, 2009


I'm warming up the Friday dance music! Whoo hoo!

As promised days and days ago, here are a few fun things.

First, the non sewing project. Let it never be said that I don't follow through on good ideas. 3 years ago.....ahem...when we moved into this house and we went through the punch list with the builder, we discovered these cabinet doors had been damaged. When the cabinet guy came to replace them, he offered to let me keep the discards,"I'm only going to throw them away." And since the damage was minimal I packratted them in the basement. There were several times Hubbie asked what they were? What was I going to do with them? When was I going to get to it? Could he throw them away? To be honest he really didn't nag, just nudged me occasionally. Well, the fire under my ass got big enough this weekend for me to do something.

(Sorry about the lightingof the photos....long story)
Now of course, I'll be the first to admit that the stencils I used, I bought when we lived at our old house to refinish a table I no longer own, but hey they worked perfectly here. I stenciled my foilage and then hand painted on top of the base paint with the green mixed with copper and metallic copper paints. I'm very pleased with the results. Now all I have to do is put some picture hanging hardware on the back and decide where to hang them!

Next is a fun find. Realize I'm sharing this information with you on the solemn vow that y'all will NOT run to your local JoAnn's today and buy them out of all this fabric. Last year when at the Nashville AQS show I bought Grammy Kathy a panel of Alexander Henry's PinUp Halloween Girls. Imagine my surprise when purusing JoAnn's that I found this morsel of goodness.
(I'm sorry about the orientation of this last picture. It's landscape, honest, but blogger is fighting me)

Alexander Henry Halloween Boys! After picking myself off the floor from laughing hysterically I tucked this bolt under my arm and when and purchased some for pillowcases for a couple of friends. Mwahahahaha! I know it's sexist, but hey, I'm a Cougar now! I'm 40 and can do and say inappropriate things, remember!?


Kathy said...

Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely nothing inappropriate about them!
Leader of the cougars
(aka Grammy Kathy)

Kate said...

Tee hee hee!