Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yikes, Tuesday

First off here is the product of slammin' hours of quilting labor yesterday. I was motivated by the fact I had a quilt guild meeting and wanted to take Jello Shots for show and tell.
This was the 9 patch a day from Crazy Mom Quilts. I loved the idea of making one 9 patch block a day. Of course, mine was more like, 10 block every 15 days to catch up. Once I got making these I really came to like them. I'm thinking of a twist on this for a block exchange for my guild.
As an advocate for best buys on quality fabric, Kate can attest that I'm constantly trolling websites looking for awesome fabric at superduper deals. Lo and behold, I found out that Kumiko Sudo, the lady who has written all those fabric orgami and folding books is designing fabric. I got this super lovely fabric designed to look like Japanese watercolors for a deal on clearance for less than I would pay at JoAnns per yard.

As far as the 9 patches go, I'll definitely be doing this again. It was so fun. And even though I thought that I would be making a dent in my scraps....hahahahhaha.

Then today we had a kitten calamity. Pepper fell from the landing in our 2 story family room. When I finally located her (by following her heartbreaking wails) I found her bleeding from her mouth. Long story short...she's fine...bloody nose. But let me tell you I was FREAKING MY SHIT the whole way to the vet that I would have to tell my oldest Munchkin that another one of her cats had to be put down.
And finally, a "found" picture on my camera tonight. I love how the Munchkins are thinking about backdrops and composition.


Shannon said...

SO glad kitty is fine!!

Beautiful quilts and budding photogs, I love visiting!

Doris said...

OH, Pepper! Stay out of trouble, kitty! My cat has done stuff like that, then torn off in pain and fright so you have to hunt them down to make sure they are okay. Thanks heaven she's alright.

Jello Shots turned out fabulous-ly!

jacquie said...

jello shots is fabulous! so glad the kitty is ok..had to be soo scary though!