Friday, August 7, 2009

The last Friday of Summer Break

Well we did our final running around today to get those last minute things we need for school on Monday. We did it today, because I hate going to any store on the weekend. I have crowd issues.

Anyway, I also manufactured these backpack ID tags today. When we went backpack shopping, imagine the horror of the oldest Munchkin when Nugget put her "Wizards of Waverly Place" backpack down and picked up the exact same one as her older sister. After many words of convincing...different schools....blah, blah, blah the oldest was convinced it was ok. "But Mommy what if we get our backpacks confused?!" Solution....individualized ID tags. Super Mommy!


Doris said...

Awesome tags, Super Mommy...

I have a sister that is six years younger. I remember being punished because I threw a fit when my Mom bought us matching saddle shoes. The horror!

Kate said...

Yes, we had to do ID tags last year for identical backpacks (mom used it as an excuse to embroider some tags). This year I actually convinced the oldest to trade in the same one as her sister for a different one at the last minute. Yay!