Monday, August 3, 2009

Mondays call for coffee

This is a short post to say "Mondays call for coffee."

I've been fortunate enough this summer to spend lots of time at home (either working remotely or spending time with the Munchkins). And neither of those things required the early wake up time of before 7 or 8 for most of the summer. Today marks the beginning of the rest of the year of the crack of dawn alarm clock awakenings. I brilliantly made my boobie squishing (mammogram) appointment for 8:00am this morning(I really don't know what I was thinking). So I had to roll out of bed and get dressed and be out the door squirrely early (to quote the youngest). I didn't have time to make coffee. And school starts next week, so.....

Thankfully, there's currently a pot brewing and I'll be downing some of that fab stuff in moments. I've got laundry, treadmilling, and sewing to do today. So who knows, this might end up being a two post day.....we'll see.

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Shannon said...

still hopelessly addicted to McD's Vanilla Iced Coffees. I stick to the medium, but lately I suck that down too quickly.